Springer HIV AIDS Treatment in Resource Poor Countries

The book focuses on HIV AIDS prevention and treatment strategies in resource poor settings. Contributors include researchers public health administrators from the US, Africa, China, Thailand. Several chapters, written by local


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Routledge Social Work and Divinity

The milestone text integrating the disciplines of social work and divinity! In everyday life, spirituality practice of effective are inseparable. As a result, professionals service administrators have in recen


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Corwin Emotional and Behavioral Problems

The authors take a complex, under discussed topic and give teachers administrators useful, basic guidelines they can put to quickly in understanding, identifying, helping this special group of students.


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Routledge Increasing Resilience in Police and Emergency Personnel

Increasing Resilience in Police and Emergency Personnel illuminates the psychological, emotional, behavioral, spiritual impact of police work on officers, administrators, emergency communicators, their families. Author Step


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Information Science Reference Models Effective Service Delivery in Special

Educators today are challenged with the task of designing curricula and standards for students of varying abilities. While technology innovation steadily improve classroom learning, teachers administrators continue to struggle in developing t


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Routledge The Professional Counselor as Administrator

A largely undiscussed problem exists in the counseling community. Each year many excellent professional counselors with little or no administrative preparation or leadership experience are asked to assume roles in schools, colleges


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Springer Quality Evaluation in Non Invasive Cardiovascular Imaging

This handbook provides hospitals, clinics, imaging centers, along with their medical technical directors administrators, necessary information tools to develop quality initiatives. The specific aims of thi


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Routledge Handbook of Emergency Psychiatry for Clinical Administrators

Originally published in 1986, this volume presents the clinical and administrative aspects of emergency psychiatry from point of view of clinician administrator involved in organizing running an service. Part 1 provides an ad


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Sage Publications Pvt. Ltd Handbook of Inclusive Education for Educators,

The Handbook of Inclusive Educationadvocates the importance of inclusive education. It presents a collection of various models, practices, experiences, first hand accounts success stories from India, where has been


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Springer Publishing Company Curriculum Development for Medical Education

Based on a proven six step model and including examples questions to guide application of those timeless principles, Curriculum Development for Medical Education is a practical guidebook all faculty members administrators resp


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